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Hot and Cold Hors D’oeuvres 


Our large collection of gourmet Appetizers & Hors D’oeuvres sets the mood for the entire meal. Get the party started with these impressive, sweet or savory treats. No forks or spoons required For these easy-to-pick-up party foods.

(Includes two specialty drinks and water)

  • Lumpia vegetables, chicken or pork sweet spicy sauce

  • Brie/raspberry fillo cup

  • Stuffed sweet plantain with pure ground beef

  • Stuffed profiteroles with portobello & goat cheese

  • Fried pork dumpling served with sweet spicy sesame ponzu sauce

  • Breaded cheese ravioli served with marinara dipping sauce

  • Pig in a blanquette

  • Ham croquettes

  • Fried coconut shrimp served with mango sauce

  • Buffalo or Asian spicy chicken wings

  • Open-faced mini Rubens

  • Petite crab cakes with Cajun remoulade

  • Scallops wrapped in bacon

  • Mini slider burgers

  • Cremini battered mushrooms

  • Chive & lemon cream sauce

  • Battered macaroni cheddar cheese bites

  • Broccoli and cheese bites

  • White cheddar cheese curd

  • Chicken and pesto on a fillo purse

  • Scallop wrap in a hickory smoked bacon


  • Vegetables

  • Chicken

  • Beef 



  • Margarita  flatbread, fresh basil, tomato and cheese

  • Pepperoni flatbread homemade pizza sauce, three cheese & pepperoni  

  • Chicken  breast, ranch, red onions, and three cheese dice chicken, grapes, goat cheese, and arugula



  • Walnut crusted chicken skewer

  • Thai chicken sate with a peanut sauce

  • Teriyaki chicken skewers with soy glaze

  • Teriyaki beef skewers with sambal soy glaze



  • Chicken cordon blue in a puff pastry Beef wellington Andouille sausage en croute 


  • Petite fruit skewer

  • B.B.Q pulled pork tostada avocado, scallion and julianne radish International cheese  skewer

  • Tomato caprese-mozzarella/peppers/ basil/oil/balsamic glaze Sesame tuna /wasabi cream/pickled ginger/fried wonton

  • Smoked salmon mousse on melba toast and crème fraiche

  • Strawberries stuffed with brie and dried fruit Smoke turkey /mandarin orange /toast almond

  • Colossal shrimp with key lime cocktail sauce Roasted red pepper and goat cheese on pita chips

  • Prosciutto wrappred / honeydew melon

Salmon moose.jpg


shooter 3.jpeg
shooter 5.jpeg
shooter 2.jpeg
  • Feta salad with concasse tomatoes and cucumber and basil

  • Potato plus with crema, chive, applewood bacon and sharp cheddar cheese

  • Traditional caesar salad in a cup

  • Alaskan smoked salmon

  • Dill greek yogurt onions and capers everything bagel crisp

  • Blackened shrimp with spicy mango

  • Tequila Parmesan crisp meatball, topped with marinara sauce

  • Chilled pea soup garnished with mint

  • Calamari, mango, cucumber ceviche

  • Spicy tuna or salmon or spicy crab. Rice vinegar sushi cup

  • Tomato, mozzarella, basil, crostini with balsamic pipettes

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